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Saturday, June 12, 2010


Hi there, guys and girls out there! Thanks once again for dropping by the random blog of yours truly, Adam aka WSX. I must admit, that the release of  even more accurate, super-poseable figures has had an effect on my hobby collecting ever since. Lately, my shift from being a non-fan to one who has been converted-- is solely due to the sheer brilliance and  flawless toy-engineering put into these highly collectible items.  

 I am happy to report is that, (aside from those who are totally into Gundam plastic kits), which to the casual hobbyist like myself, will always be a total pain in the deriere' to fix up, the utter convenience and level of pre-painted and ready made Gundam toys which are available is  heaven-sent in more ways than one. I did recall that the Bandai SCHM-Pro Gundam Unicorn "perfect" edition sitting by it's lonesome self on the shelve of the toy department in the Bangkok department store sometime last year.  It looked really swell and a good buy, but of course, being the more savvy toy collector that I am, the price-- all 9,000-odd Baht, came up to a ridiculous amount of Ringgit Malaysia (RM) 900!! All for a 1/144  scale
(or 13 cm) model made of plastic! The original price, however is about 1/3 that high price of RM900. 



Like a true blood-hound, ol'  WSX has been sniffing around the online sites especially those Japanese ones, all in the name of looking for that killer deal. Although released last year, the general consensus is one of positive disposition. high praise is once again reserved for this particular incarnation of the popular Unicorn Gundam figure. I had, in the beginning, absolutely NO idea  that the new series of Japanese novels starring the Gundam Unicorn saga,  was in actual fact  to coincide with the 30th Anniversary celebration and homage of sorts to the hugely influential  and cult-status mania for the original  Gundam Series of 1979.  That in itself is a really cool nod and a fitting re-imagining of sorts, if you will, that the series has made a true return to its roots. Heck, even the main protagonist form the Gundam Unicorn saga, Banagher Links (バナージ・リンクス Banāji Rinkusu?) is a direct dead-ringer for the original emo-pilot teenager Amuro Ray' that first piloted the original RX-78 Gundam back in the early days.



Well, the fact of the matter is, I have zero skill and tolerance to build Gundam model kits. I'm afraid it's just simple as that, really! LOL! That theres not shame in owning up for my particular flaw. As passionate as I am for a certain hobby, I am more a Vintage Transformers collector, and only dabbling in the pain-staking and agonizingly long and patient process of building Gundam plastic kits once every blue moon.  Its too much of a hassle, but to some the mere victory and satisfaction of seeing plastic parts being built up into works of art. I applaud and respect those uber crazy-skilled and the most professional of model kit-bashers.  the level of detailing, painting and effect is mind-blowing. 


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Ptoduct Title

SHCM-Pro Gundam UC 1/144 Unicorn Gundam[Bandai]

Product CodeTOY-GDM-0983
Release Datelate Oct-2009
Series TitleSHCM-Pro
Original TitleGundam UC

SpecCompleted action model
Scale: 1/144
Maker-listed price9,800JPY
Sale PriceSale Price 7,696JPY 20%OFF!



In a nut-shell, this is a very aesthetically and practical version of this particular Gundam.  the quality level is unmatched. Add to the additional parts/ weapons.  The coolest feature that the folks at Bandai have managed to achieve is the seamless ability for this SHCM-Pro Unicorn 1/144 scale model to transform into the "Destroy mode" for the default white and less powerful Unicorn mode, into a bad-ass ballistic "psycho-frame" Gundam! Awesome touch, and this is for me, anyway, THE definitive version that should be bought if you have the additional monetary funds. Since this is on sale, and can be bought off the Amiami Japanese English language website, it looks awesome. Its on my to get list, and to be patient, I will wait until the price drops to around 7,000 Yen  mark before making my purchase.  This is a must for all Gundam fans, and the overall design of the Gundam Unicorn mecha is very pleasing to mecha fans as well. A must buy! A++

Copyright(C) 1979, 2009 SOTSU, Sunrise & Bandai Co. Japan

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