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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hello there boys and girls! This is WSX yet again, bringing you another mini-review, this time featuring the final release in the trio of God-Ginrai re-issues. The collection in question is  none other than the original colour-scheme Autobot Commander from the Super God Masterforce series: C-310 God Ginrai!

Tech Spec

God Ginrai C-310 Godmaster
Function: Supreme Commander
Transformation: Double Trailer
Abilities: The Cybertron's most powerful warrior ever, 

born of the "Super-God Combination" of Super Ginrai and Godbomber.  
His abilities as Super Ginrai are multiplied five-fold.
Weapons: Super Electromotive Rifle, Particle Beam Cannon,

God Cannon
Final Attack: The "Super-Psionic God Fire Guts" - 

Concentrating his spirit, he transforms his body into an 
enormous fireball and attacks his enemies.  This is the 
ultimate single- strike final attack.

Card Info:
-Codename: Ginrai         
-Code Number: C-310
-Level: 79                
-Origin: U.S.A. (Japanese)    
-Age: 20
-Profile: The ultimate Cybertron warrior, born of the 

"Super-God Combination" of Super Ginrai and Godbomber, 
whom it took all the power of the Cybertron space warrior 
Grand Maximus and the Cybertrons on Earth to build.


WSX has reviewed the other two Ginrai releases, namely C-310X Nucleon Quest Convoy, as well as the power-up final attack form, C-310E Fire Guts God Ginrai. As such, this will merely be another post to complete / bring some closure to the trio of complete collection at hand to this particular God Ginrai mold. Am still working to find the original version of C-307- God Ginrai & C-309 Godbomber (with window styled-boxes) for a decent price. Watch this space!! ;-)

Many sincere thanks as the above translation of God Ginrai's tech-specs are once again courtesy of
The following mini-review and pictures are courtesy and credited to none other than super-transformer archive:


Stays true to the show, and he looks great when transformed into the Engine which activated the cab-truck into robot mode. Neat little figure, but again transformation still can be achieved without the usage. Like all power-Master/ god Master figurines, the design and practicality is ingenious. B+


Ill just jump straight in to the Super-Ginrai robot mode as the cab-smaller robot has been reviewed before. To me, this was one of the most sought after version of the Commander Ginrai since I was a kid. I remembered vividly that the snotty neighbor-hood kid was quite uppity and brash for not allowing me to touch his Power-Master Prime-- LOL! Anyway, history has a funny way of sort-of getting back/ even terms-- and its called "karma!"-LOL! Anyway, this was the hot toy released during the early 1990's here in Malaysia, and almost every kid in my vicinity block of houses owned some kind of version of God Ginrai. 

Sturdy, brickish but imposing, this is the most striking version as it draped in the original "Convoy" / Cybertron leader colours of red/maroon/ silver and blue. Legs do not move, but arms have some rotation, as well as the super robot head. The chrome parts adds to the awesome overall design. The head-sculpt is spot-on and very reminiscent of all the Convoy/ Autobot Leader-style. A++

For more differences in the mold/ colour changes of the original 1988 release and its current re-issue, please click this link here.

 His power-up partner-in arms is spotlighted next. 


Godbomber is in his original colours, and as usual goes in tandem in terms of complementing God Ginrai's overall aesthetics. It is worth noting that, there have been known to be some minor mold variants for Godbomber's front of the cab/ which becomes God Ginrai's chest piece in super-robot mode. The part in question is the head-lights section of the Godbomber's cab-- whereby in the original version released in 1988, it is molded as missile-style pods rather than just round-lights as constructed on the 2001 re-issue version.  

Godbomber is essentially a "part-former", and his limbs are used to become God Ginrai's armor. Decently crafted, but I prefer his vehicular-cab mode better. B+

Next and finally, we rake a brief look at the main guy himself!


God-Ginrai is  significantly "bulked-up" when the armor parts from Gobomber's limbs are attached. Having said that, he does have some weight when put together, thus ending it the typical super-robot design. The front-chest piece has three windows, supposedly mimicking the Anime-episodes where the three Junior Headmaster's; Minerva, Shoota and Cab are seen sitting in Godbomber's cockpit. His guns and cannons are attached on the side of his super-robot feet and main cannon on the shoulder. Striking, and awesome. A++


To be honest, in terms of playability, most if not all of the Generation One figures can be major disappointments. However, if you are a supporter for more of the recently released stuff- ROTF, Classics etc, then this God Ginrai Reissue is not for you. But, as usual, you are ol-school and a vintage junkie at heart, then grab this while the average price has not been totally inflated to ridiculous proportions. 

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