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Monday, January 11, 2010


Hey all! This is yours truly WSX, once again bringing a mini-blog post, the second one for the New Year! This time around, I thought to myself that Alternity Cliffjumper can wait. Slipped my mind that I had this baby hiding somewhere in my closet of toys.... LOL. Got this collection form a local hobby shop sometime back early 2008. Thought that the character was noble, ruthless and cool at the same time. Proof is in the pudding, as they say! Check out this video clip on TRANSFORMERS SUPER-LINK Episode # 3: Megazarak's Trap!

Without further delay, ladies and gentleman, I would like to present to you none other than the
Super-Destron General : SD-05 Megazarak! He basically has a much more "lighter" colour scheme going for him as he is draped in gold, sea-green/bluish tinge and light brown/yellow plastic parts. To me, he looks the part and definitely resembles his old Western Generation One namesake Scorponok. Overall, I think that the box shots for the Superlink series is pretty kickass, with clear, solid graphics depicted. The usage of the computer-generated character and distinctive blue font in Japanese makes for an attractive collection. The back of the box depicts all of his Three transformation modes, and as usual ,the poses done for the toy is "stylized" for added measure!

Again, I wont go into the boring and monotonous detail of how to transform this bad-ass mofo. The instructions are similar for those of Transformers Energon Scorponok. The kind folks at Hasbro were kind enough to display and allow the general shopper and public access to any instructions/ product safety manuals of all their products. For more reference, the direct link to Megazarak/Scorponock's manual can be found by clicking

Tech Spec

"If I do not crush you with my claws, I will finish you with my sting!"

Scorponok is a power-hungry warrior who believes that he is the rightful leader of the Decepticon. He can back up this claim with a three-mode arsenal and a nasty attitude. In scorpion mode, beware of his huge mechanical claws and energon stinger. In vehicle mode, Scorponok is a powerful jet and construction vehicle with a talent for destruction. Megatron beware! This dangerous Decepticon is coming for you.


Okay, next is just a bare bones run-down on the various modes and strengths / weaknesses of each one. Ill start with the basic form and work my way through his Robot and Cyber-Jet modes.


Basically his "default" vehicular/ scorpion mode packaged in box. He resembles a heavy-duty shoveler and looks menacing in this mode. As far as posebailty and gimmicks goes, he can open and close his "bucket" claws; swivel his tail/cockpit area with the press of a button, launch missiles from the underside launchers below his pincers. Overall, Id give this alternate mode a big thumbs up-- looks like a big, cybernetic, and well thought of "Scorpion". A++!


Now we move on to his robot mode. Fairly simple transformation. My sincere Thanks and credit goes out to for the following Transformers Energon Scorponok (which had a much brighter and changed colour scheme--with the light gold being replaced by a much gaudy dark orange colour) So much for being ANIME accurate! He is poesable but limited in that his articulation is such that he only is able to move his head, visor, shoulders, claws, hips can be rotated, however-- he does have elbows and knees which bend somewhat. Overall the aesthetics are meant to be grand and big-- his shoulder pads give him a broader look. The head-sculpt is very G1, and the "pistons" and the body especially the claws make Megazarak every inch the humongous mechanical monster he is! A+

Next up:


In this mode, he looks sleek and could do some serious aerial damage. However, to me this is his most "weakest" mode, as he looks as if he is somewhat stuck between robot and scorpion mode. Well, to be honest my gut instinct is telling me that the designers had this mode as an afterthought-- as ALL Transformers fans can attest to-- there is room for personal transformation inventions-- Megazarak's scorpion tale is flattened out, making the front nose of the plane--while the rest of this alt mode is just his scorpion pincers and thread-legs folded-up into a compact position. B+


For further reading and notes of importance of the toy, please visit super-Aussie review site, As for me, Superlink/ Energon Megazarak is an inspiring Decepticon commander, powerful and imposing. Having THREE modes and the fact he is a pretty awesome homage to his G1 predecessor Scorponok and Zarak makes him all the more one of the more coveted and value buy Destron Figure worth getting!

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