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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


HELLO guys and gals! Wing Saber X is back to bring another fast and comprehensive blog-view for the first month of the New Year 2010! This release had tongues wagging since the resin prototype appeared on the internet forums sometime in the middle of 2009. The initial response, as with the majority of the ever fickle and insatiable Transfans was one of discordance and trepidation. Their main gripe was the size of Bumblebee, and aside from the uber-spot on head-sculpt which screamed "G1 Homage1", he had a rather unique transformation scheme-- the car roof became the pudgy and unsightly "beer-belly".

Oh how things have changed, and after the official release of this incarnation of Bumblebee a few months ago in November 2009, he, along with fellow "Mnibot" partner in crime, Cliffjumper, were released simultaneously to the gratuitous praise and oohs-ahhs from purring Transfans worldwide. Not to least mention that the initial pricing of these mini-marvels and kickass homages came at a ridiculous amounts. Read: RM180! With one of the least amount of Die-cast for both figures, I could not fathom and justify paying for them considering the size class as well. But, luckily for me, I managed to snag them under RM150 per figure form a reliable source in KL. I have always been a big fan of realistic, real world cars which have the ability to transform into uber-super robots. The crazy and super ramped up tech specs are courtesy of
chuckcjc from the popular fansite!

I wont go into detail about the transformation process, as there is always Peaugh's Youtube reviews--which are highly detailed, and the fact that he makes transforming transformers toys look dapper and cool while holding a camcorder! LOL. This video review can be seen here:Peaugh reviews A-03 Alternity Bumblebee!

Also, as I have gotten some unwanted and let some unfortunate posters put a damper on my postings last year by discrediting, flaming and saying my blog is blasphemous, therefore, the following detailed pics of A-03 Alternity Bumblebee , is courtesy of the uber cool Japanese blogger Hinjaku. I swear by this...and is 100% totally convinced that the Japanese toy collectors are the only ones who can take super cool pictures of the toys/collection which they are reviewing/kit-bashing. From now on, my blog will be watermarked, and only pictures of the toy MINT SEALED IN BOX will be featured. This is to avoid all the negative posters from defacing my credibility. A slight rant, if you will for people out there who are judgmental and unfair/childish/ trolling...etc. Ahem. Anyway, i really cant be bothered at all, and they can say nasty unfriendly words, accusations BUT... my blog will COME BACK FROM THE DEAD : BIGGER, BETTER AND MOST DEFINETLETY STRONGER!!


Smallish in size, and no bigger than a Deluxe Class Classics/Henkei Bumblebee. But fret not, the head sculpt and homage factor alone is worth paying money for, PLUS, he is the prefect~update both in terms of style/playability and aesthetics for any fan of the tiny Yellow Beetle Volkswagen .


Cute, compact and as expected: highly detailed representation of the real Suzuki Swift Sport. Perfect for displaying with your fleet of die-cast cars or your ever present growing collection!
Neat, innovative and value for money!
My next mini blog will be about his Autobot brother in arms : Alternity Cliffjumper!

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