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Monday, December 7, 2009

WSX TOY REVIEW SPECIAL: 307-X NUCLEON QUEST SUPER GINRAI (Japan Toys'r'Us 10th Anniversary Exclusive 2001)

Box Front, Classic Layout

Hello once again and a very warm welcome to all my readers! This is W_S-X once again, here to bring you my usual update on my blog. Today will be a mini-posting of sorts, and this time I will feature another gem from my toy collection. The interesting and sharp looking figure which I will be highlighting today is none other than Toys'r'Us Japan 10th Anniversary-- release: C-307-X Nucleon Quest Super Ginrai / ニュークリオンクエストスーパーコンボイ! This item is supposedly "uber-rare" and limited to just an estimated 1,000 pieces at the time of issue which was sometime in the year 2001. Got this at a pretty decent price, at least half of what it would normally go for now of days!

Accessories and main components

IMHO, it's an excellent addition to anybody's collection, especially for me, because the God Ginrai character holds a special mention in my heart. Was initially loosing the bidding war which ensued on ebay way back in the middle of June of this year, but I managed to fend off a an unsuccessful bidder and a re-listing of this wonderful gem. Glad and more than happy for being able to obtain him, and most definitely not regretting my decision! It is important to add, while this is an exclusive toy, It nevertheless also comes with the exact same accessories as the regular Ginrai Release.

Back of Box, with Classic Masterforce Battle-Scene


Background: Once there was era in which the planet Seibertron had been struck by a fatal energy shortage. At this time, Convoy and HiQ, a scientist from the planet Nebulos, undertook a perilous journey in search of a new energy to replace Energon.

Abilities: In order for him to extract the super-energy "Nucleon" that exists in black holes, his entire structure is now protected by a phase modulation shield. He can now carry out activity in super-gravitic environments.

Personality: A protector of freedom, he possesses enormous intelligence and courage.

Weapons: Concussion blaster, twin particle beam cannons


Top view of compact packaging


Lets face it, anything that has chromed parts and is painted in a deep and eye-catching shiny black scheme is always going to get a whole lot of "unhealthy" attention! ;-) With that in mind, there is absolutely no need i reckon for me to write and repeat this posting with another in depth review, as this is essentially an exclusive repaint of the C-310E Fire Guts God Ginrai figure, previously posted. The only difference is that C-307X Nucleon quest Ginrai does not come with the necessary amour to become God Ginrai, and hence naturally the omission of God Bomber is frustrating, but kinda default. No complaints though, and the detailing of the figure is even more enhanced with the ember-blue hue of Nucleon's super-robot head -- a much more appealing change made from the original version (red) and fire guts version (orange). Ok guys, lets then move on to the mini-review, starting from taking a quick look at Nucleon's Ginrai cab mode.


Back in Black, and sexy to boot!

Basically a sleeker looking effect achieved with the black repainted body, the first and most noticeable feature of the Ginrai cab is that it is now tastefully done in shiny chrome on the front grille. Red/ maroon tinted windows are a sort of a "written rule" when it comes to black/ nemesis type repaints of Ginrai/Convoy-- and this is no exception. Overall, I think it complements the black colour scheme, and makes the cab mode stand out even more. Next, we move on to the cab-robot mode for Ginrai.


Front view

Robot mode has the standard Ginrai-cab transformation, and once again the black theme is seen throughout the figure. There are no major differences form the original colored version, but the use of black just makes the mid-sized robot look a whole lot more kickass.

Back view

Moving along swiftly, next we take a look at Nucleon's Hi-Q figure


Same simple transformation by folding up the legs of Hi-Q. The engine is now black, and added with the chrome, it basically Ginrai's neo-suit changing into a black-theme. Ooh, think Spiderman 3's black costume. Yeah. More powerful in theory, one can assume! :-P


"Attack mode"

His trailer is also black, and transforms in the same way.


Looks miles better than the original release -- more menacing in black, and not to mention imposing!


God On!

Trailer-base transforms into the main core body for Ginrai's super robot mode. As usual, its just the trailer in an upright position..LOL!


An awesome addition made more so as it is a one of a kind issue, and also quite pricey in the market. If you have deep pockets or have just saved up some extra cash form your monthly pay-- then this is a non-regrettable purchase, guaranteed to put a smile on your face and make you go -hell yeah! Ass-kicking colour scheme of a toy!-- then by all means please add this without hesitation! Highly Recommended!!!

Here is Nucleon quest Ginrai with God Bomber's parts to combine into super God Ginrai. Looks spiffy even though the colours are not matching, don't cha think?!

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