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Friday, December 11, 2009


Ghost Starscream stylised pic courtesy of Japaneses blog

Hi guys, welcome again to WSTOYZ! Well, before i move further to this particular post with the usual gratuitous pictorial mini review, the Unicorn Gundam Master Grade Ka. Version which I am currently completing, has unfotunetely taken a slight backtrack due to the unfortunate incident of a few brittle and somewhat fragile snap-on parts (ie. : one waist piece and both of its fingers and fists) which accidentally broke-off during mid fixing-- Sigh-- Have ordered an emergency "repair kit" for the fists as replacement, but still haven't figured out on exactly how am i going to replace the waist piece-- (mulled on getting another non-MG but 1/100th scale Unicorn Gundam Ka. Version for around RM100) --but we shall see if the desperation mounts! So, while i take a rain-cheque and put that thought of displaying that awesome Gundam on hold, fret not, for i have still MORE than enough stuff from my growing collection to blog about! :-P

The "money" shot!

This time, the above mentioned Transformers Generations Book exclusive "mail-order" toy is under the spotlight. There is no reason to give a through review on this figure, simply because it an exclusive clear mold that was used several times for the Universe Classics 2.0 Seekers/ Series- used namely for the Deluxe class Starscream, Acid Storm, Thundercracker and Skywarp incarnations, just to name a few. Gentei Ghost Starscream, as mentioned is another uber exclusive release, molded in clear coloured plastic parts , with some chrome added for good measure! LOL! More information-however minor-and provided in Japanese only can be found on this link by the publisher of the Volume 2. Generations Transformers book, the Japanese company : Million Publishing Co.

Front of Henkei box- blue themed

Back of box-regular Henkei seeker carded-back

Okay folks, I will just give a basic run-down of the figure . As with most of the so-called "clear" released ones, Gentei Ghost Starscream's colour scheme is quite eye-catching both in plane mode and his robot mode. The combination mainly red, white, blue and ember (cockpit) translucent plastic work extremely well to bring out the intricate details of the mold design, and will no doubt look excellent on the display shelve in wither both modes. According to the Transformers mythos and storyline, this representation is just one of the many -Ghosts of the villainous and treacherous Starscream.


It is estimated that roughlt around a limited run of 2,000 to 3,000 of Ghost Henkei Starscreams were made, but this figure has yet to be verified by the appropriate sources available. In plane mode, he basically resembles a F-14 Fighter jet, and his cockpit can open up to one side, tail fins can be moved upwards and downwards, and the missile launchers can be pegged tot he underside of his wings. The only noticeable parts of his plane mode which are not molded in clear plastic are his thrusters and nosecone. The man colour which is a translucent white plastic, gives it the illusion of the body being somewhat 'invisible' , adding more sense and purpose to the 'ghost' tag . Its a already solid fighter jet mode but it looks even more pretty in clear plastic, add to the minor detailing on silver/red pattern on the wings, it adds another dimension of sharpness overall. Awesome.

Top view

View of plane underside

Comparison with the regular version of Henkei Starscream

Next, we take an in depth look at the robot mode.


Close up of face

In robot mode, the clear red gives off an almost effiavesant glow, while the smoke-black plastic used to mold the head is a nice touch to add, this capped off by a a dark silver/ gun metal face paint with glowing red eyes, gives this ' ghost' a truly 'eerie' appearance! The missile launchers can now be pegged into his fists to become hand weapons. Poseability is pretty standard fare, as he is able to perform the same poses/positions as similar to those of the other Henkei releases.



As yet that this is another stroke of genius by the makers of the Million Publishing Co. Japan, teaming up with TakaraTomy was a good call as they have managed to produce one of the most 'sought after' versions of Starscream. Stunningly beautiful in both modes, he is another one of those "gee, they got it right" kind of moments when it comes to the folklore and many fanfics associated with this iconic "Seeker". If you have about RM300 to spare, and also an avid Starscream/ fighter jet plane fan, then by all means, splash the cash, don't think too much, and just marvel at this incredible looking collectors item. Well, what are you waiting for?!! Go out now, track it down on the internet, or by whatever means necessary -- and BUY IT!

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