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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Happy New Year, fellow readers! I do trust that your festive celebrations went swimmingly well?! 
Got some rather exciting news coming your way, people. For 2013, there will be some really neat and exciting releases planned, chiefly the announcement of Masterpiece MP-13 Soundwave and his Cassette Minions, Frenzy, Rumble, Laserbeak, Buzzsaw and Ravage. Not to mention the continuation of the Takaratomy Fall of Cybertron line, as well as the season 3 continuity of Transformers Prime, which will carry the Beast Hunters tagline. Oh and thrown in the awesome news that the Takaratomy's Encore Generation 1 reissue line will continue with Fortress Maximus and we have a pretty busy 2013 year of collecting in-store! So sit back and Enjoy the ride, guys! 

As for me personally, the start of the year will bring a realization that, whilst I have to control the amount of expenditure that I usually splurge on my collection, it most certainly doesn't mean that I will completely miss out on my fair share of some gems which I have been keeping a rather keen interest on since the year ended a couple of days ago. 

I have decided to get at least two vintages for this year, and who knows after that maybe just to tie up afew loose ends for my personal G1 list. As for the current consensus of Ehobby and Japanese exclusive releases, I will have to see if these hold any interest for me, as I have adhered to only getting black and exclusive 'crystal' or clear plastic releases only. Well, that's all folks! Watch this space for more Transformers related news for the rest of the year! 

All Transformers Copyright Takaratomy 2013. 

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