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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Black Repaint Craze Continues: TV Magazine Exclusive Galaxy Force Dark Nitro Convoy.

Oh hai. there...Cannot help myself lately.... Bought a Galaxy Force Dark Nitro Convoy..

  • Dark Nitro Convoy (Deluxe, 2005)
It's no surprise what Dark Nitro turnsinto.
JackpotAdded by Jackpot
redeco of Override, Dark Nitro Convoy transforms into a sleek Velocitronic race car. The rear section reveals flip-out (non-firing) blaster barrels when you insert a Cyber Planet Key into it; this assembly becomes Dark Nitro's rifle in robot mode. Transformation from car to robot is partially automatic, the torso and arms automatically swinging into position once the springs are released.
Dark Nitro Convoy comes with a fairly unique Cyber Planet Key. Though it is a gold-bordered Velocitron-style Key, it is cast from colorless clear plastic, like the clear-plastics on the main toy. It is unknown if this is a gang-molding issue, or if Dark Nitro was given a specifically color-changed separate-mold Key.

101000006758-524911 Transformers Galaxy Force Dark Nitro Convoy Y5,250

1 item total: Y5,250

5% handling charge: Y263
Shipping:Registered Small Packet Y1,210
Insurance: (Registered Small Packet, included)

Grand Total: Y6,723
Thank you very much for shopping with the JUNGLE!

Maido, Ookini!!  ^-^ Arigatou!

He was only available through a mail-away offer in TV Magazine in Japan. Limited to 2,000 pieces worldwide.

Nitro convoy/ Transformers Galaxy Force Copyright 2005 Takaratomy. 

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