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Sunday, June 10, 2012


Hi guys! Another quick update which I am super excited for! Just got myself a real big challenge as far as building model kits are concerned... Ordered myself a 2009 Bandai 1/72 scale Super Messiah Alto custom. Granted there will be loads of work to be done when it arrives, but inspired by the sudden surge in confidence in my wanting to test my plastic-kit building ability to the fullest. Wish me luck! Sorry for the stock pics, people. Will definitely post some work in progress and (hopefully) finished pics--! when it arrives at the end of the month!
I think because of the complexity and tedious nature of the kit itself- the estimated time taken to finish building the complete kit - decals and painted model and all - will approximately take me a good two weeks to complete. That's a good and long 2 weekends- assuming I begin working on it diligently on Saturdays and Sundays! Oh man, what on earth did I get myself into?! Meantime here's the order details, courtersy of the online shop from which I bought this monstrosity of a model kit from!  Details are in HK Dollars, so when using the currency exchange rate, the total paid for this plus shipping to Malaysia would be in the region of RM280. A fair price, IMHO. :D

Selected Product
   No. Of Product Kind: 1 / Total Qty: 1
Product NameQuantityPriceSub-total
Bandai Macross Frontier 03 1/72 Super Messiah Valkyrie VF-25F1US$65.83 / HK$513.50US$65.83 / HK$513.50
  Product Total :US$65.83 / HK$513.50
Shipping Method :Air MailEstimate Shipping Fee :US$16.90 / HK$131.80
Payment Method :PaypalGrand Total :US$82.73 / HK$645.30

I know and am very well informed that there's been the recent release of the Alto Renewal version, and a Chogokin and super improved version of the Messiah Alto Renewal Ver. by Bandai lately, but the awesome challenge and design of this particular 1/72 model kit is too good to ignore. Plus obviously, the positive thing about building plastic model kits is that although there is no room for errors in the sense if you slip-up and break something of importance from the spruce of the kit,   you are essentially in deep trouble; but once assembling the kit piece by piece, it kinda gives the builder the 'imagination' and drift from reality -- a sense that he/she is actually 'building' a complex Mecha from inside out- pistons, inner frame and all!  IMHO all Three modes- the Fighter, Gerwalk and Battroid modes are well done and made for a plastic kit. The decals might be a pain to put on, and some parts are unpainted like the visor on the bot head, and antennas, but it's those little attention to details -- strangely which I find myself wanting to put more effort into, personally to make my kit my own customized and special toy. 

Macross Frontier/ Messiah Alto custom copyright Bandai 2009. 

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