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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Hey there, peoples! Welcome to another blog post from yours truly WSX! I would like to kick off the month of April with another one of those pre-released Dark of the Moon Live Action Transformers movie toys which has yet to hit the mass retail market. As it is now pretty much confirmed and known for sometime now, the main villain from the third Transformers movie franchise by Micheal Bay- will be none other than the old Marvel UK comics/ Generation 1 stalwart- the one-eyed and commanding DECEPTICON  Military Operations Commander - Shockwave. Got him loose from a seller on Ebay, shipped last week and received this in the mail recently. Came packaged loose with bubble-wrap, but one hinge in his right sole to clip his legs in his Cybertronian tank mode went missing for some reason....methinks it was 'taken out' and smuggled from the factory..but it still transforms well, save for the small gap in tank mode. A slight peeve, but all in all happy and glad to finally receive him. 


''Throughout his incarnations, Shockwave is usually distinguished by a laser cannon in lieu of one of his hands and his distinctive face, which is featureless save a single robotic eye.[2]

As the Decepticons' military operations commander, Shockwave's power is second only to Megatron's Army, and even that is disputed. His actions are carried out with the cold, brutal clarity and perfection one would expect of a purely mechanical being — his way is not that of blood lust, like so many other Decepticons, but rather that of a scientist attempting to solve a problem. And that problem is: how can he use his abilities to most effectively eliminate the greatest number of enemies? Unfortunately for the Autobots, it is rare that Shockwave does not find an answer.

Sub-groupTriple Changers, Voyager
Alternate ModesAH-64 Apache/Gun emplacement/Cybertronian war tank
SeriesTransformers film series
English voice actorDaniel Riordan (Transformers The Game)

Unlike most early Transformers Shockwave was not modified into an Earthly form, and retains his Cybertron alternate mode — a 35-foot-long ray gun. He possesses the power of flight in both modes, and commands the totality of the electromagnetic spectrum allowing him to emit beams of energy in a wide variety of forms. His high energy output makes him particularly fuel inefficient, but radioactive fuel sources stored in the reactor in his chest can help Shockwave to overcome this problem. Although his logical brain center is usually an advantage, human adversaries often pose more of a difficulty to Shockwave, as more intuitive and emotional thought processes often confound him.
While the animated series established Shockwave as fanatically loyal to Megatron, Shockwave's original bio and most fiction since have described him as coldly and patiently looking for ways to overthrow Megatron, not for personal power (as Starscream would) but simply because it was logical for him to do so. Shockwave concluded that he should rule so that no emotion should prevent the DECEPTICONS from conquering the universe. This was retained in most comic books, where Shockwave became leader of the Decepticons.

Unusually for a 1985 (second year) toy, Shockwave was past in Transformers fiction from the first year, appearing in both the original cartoon pilot and 4-issue comic book miniseries.'' 

^ Text on Shockwave is credited and linked to


A decently made homage for a sinister DECEPTICON character,  he is definitely one of the must buy releases from the Dark of the Moon toyline when it officially hits retail outlets worldwide sometime in the middle of May 2011. Love his giant cannon, more menacing and a whole lot bigger and powerful from hos Generation1 predecessor.  It came in the usual flat grey plastic used to make his thighs, arms and to make up for the dull look, cue Gundam weathering markers for instant remedy! Repainted the after-mentioned parts, and voila! - Shockwave has not looked more menacing and better in person! Very highly recommended! A- for Voyager class size (slightly on the small side) but A+ on homage, colour--it's purple! and simple yet effective transformation! 

Shockwave and Dark of the Moon  Copyright 2011- Paramount/ Hasbro & Takaratomy- 

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