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Monday, February 21, 2011



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Hi folks! Just a quick update on the recent small 'haul' of toys which I have recently purchased. They are the United Transformers versions of Autobot Lieutenant and Autobot Speedster Jazz and Bumblebee. As some of you may already know, the Takaratomy counterparts of these two are highly sought after in the current market because of --what else? The vastly superior paint scheme on these moulded plastic specimens. Plus. the perfect use of not wasting space for the packaging works wonders --trust me--Lol --for storing away your precious collection neatly. 


Bought this pair of wonderful Transformers United toys form a local seller, and I've got to honestly say that the rates for a single United version Jazz would already cost an equivalent for two toys.  Those who missed out or who are looking for this version are looking to pay--plus shipping-- a total of USD$45 for Jazz. That's alot of dough. Breathing a sigh of relieve as thankfully, I managed to not pay after-market prices. Phew. 
For the uninitiated, there are marked differences between the United version and Reveal The Shield (RTS) Hasbro versions of the Autobot's 2nd in command, Jazz which will be mentioned in this blog post. Again, I am not here to make scathing remarks about one or the other, just an aesthetic comparison. Firstly, the plastic used on the United version of Jazz is more bone white viz his RTS counterpart. His tire rims, front grille also is painted with a nice silver sheen, giving it a more updated and complete look. Finally, the tail-lights are painted a deep red to finish the awesome car mode. Personally, as a collector, I would just keep the much more nicer looking toy in it's plastic bubble for safe keeping. Because I have both versions, the so-called logic behind that is so that I am able to still fiddle with the RTS version, while having the satisfaction of keeping a highly prized alternative waiting. Lol. Overall United Jazz gets bonus points for making it look completely different and a much more better looking toy overall---in both bot mode and naturally, car mode. Get him while you can! A+ Highly Recommended!


Okay, just thought what the heck, as Id already have Bumblebee's originally released Henkei version. It didn't hurt as Takaratomy decided to release everybody's favorite little Autobot in a much more shinier gold paint job. It's suits this mould quite well, IMHO. A great little repaint. Heck the shiny effect alone is worth the import price paid. A! 

More pictures can be seen here on Higekuma's toy blog!

Jazz/ Bumblebee & Transformers United is copyright Takaratomy and Hasbro. 

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