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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hi there folks,  here is another random and quick update for those who follow my blog regularly. News of this kickass and very awesome model kit is flowing in thick and fast!  Now, thanks uber fantastic online toys website,  Amiami Japan, we now know that the once mightily priced Perfect Grade Gundam SEED Destiny Strike Freedom  has shown to not only to be a thing of pure raw power, but also can be thankfully, easy on the wallet as well.  You can bet that  by the time you have assembled this huge Gundam, your hands and mind will be sore and tattered once you have made a valiant attempt to let alone purchase this beast of a Gundam plastic kit. Assemble at your own peril, unless of course, 
you are a top notch modelling professional (the hard-core hobby kind) who revels in these kinds of ultimate challenges!! 


General and Technical Data

Model number: ZGMF-X20A

Code name: Strike Freedom Gundam 

Unit type: prototype assault mobile suit

Manufacturer: Three Ships Alliance (based on a design by ZAFT) 

Operator(s): Three Ships Alliance; Orb Union 

First deployment: C.E. 74

Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso

Dimensions: overall height 18.88 meters

Weight: max gross weight 80.09 metric tons

Armor materials: unknown

Powerplant: ultracompact hyper deuterion nuclear reactor, power output rating unknown 

Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown; Variable Phase Shift (VPS) armor; 
Neutron Jammer Canceler

Fixed armaments: 2 x MMI-GAU27D 31mm CIWS, fire-linked, mounted in head; MGX-2235 "Callidus" multi-phase beam cannon, mounted in torso; 2 x MA-M02G "Super Lacerta" beam saber, stored on hips, hand-carried in use; 2 x MMI-M15E "Xiphias 3" rail cannon, folded underneath hips, spread out in use; 2 x MX2200 beam shield generator, mounted on forearms; 2 x MA-M21KF high-energy beam rifle, stored on hips, hand-carried in use, can be combined

Optional fixed armaments (docked with): 2 x 120cm high-energy beam cannon, 2 x 93.7cm high-energy beam cannon, 2 x MA-X200 beam sword , 77 x 60cm "Erinaceus" anti-ship missile launchers (22 per pod, 12 per arm unit, 9 on tail fin) 

Optional hand armaments: none

Remote weapons: EQFU-3X Super DRAGOON (Disconnected Rapid Armament Group
 Overlook Operation Network) mobile


PG Gundam SEED DESTINY 1/60 Strike Freedom Gundam Plastic Model[Bandai hobby div.]
Preorder Item
PG Gundam SEED DESTINY 1/60 Strike Freedom Gundam Plastic Model
All images may be test production shot prepared by their makers, and differ from finished products.

Image file name
(C)Sotsu&#44 Sunrise&#44 MBS

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Product Name

PG Gundam SEED DESTINY 1/60 Strike Freedom Gundam Plastic Model[Bandai hobby div.]

Item Code
Release Date
late Dec-2010
Product Line
Original Title
(C)Sotsu&#44 Sunrise&#44 MBS

Plastic Model Kit

1/60 Scale
Includes: Beam Shield x 1, Beam Rifle x 2, Beam Saber x 2, Xiphius 3 Rail Gun x 2, Super DRAGOON x 8, Custom Base x 1

A new, refined version of the Strike Freedom Gundam by Hajime Katoki presented in ultra-high quality Perfect Grade scale!

With the addition of the Super DRAGOON units the Strike Freedom Gundam is the largest PG kit yet! The display angle on the base can be adjusted to allow any number of extreme, dynamic poses!

The Super DRAGOON unit itself can be adjusted in conjunction with the Vernier system to provide even larger display and posing possibilities!

With the new internal construction and innovative slide system not only can authentic internal mechanisms be displayed but poseability is also dramatically increased!
Suggested Retail Price
 25,000 yen
Our Price
19,700yen   20 %off!
Purchase Limit
Up to 3
Sales/Stock Status
Now on sale

Prefect Grade Strike Gundam pictures below, is linked and credited tot he awesome Ngee Khiong! 


Personally, and besides stating the obvious, this is way,  way beyond my level of comprehension and capabilities. It's just too time consuming for the causal collector like myself, even-though the temptation to challenge myself with the enormous (pun intended) task  sometimes does occur in my mind. The pricing discount on the Amiami Japan website, is a life saver to those who intend to buy this humongous, intricate and mind-blowing piece to add to their Perfect Grade collection. While I am strictly a Transformers fan-boy, sometimes the sheer force of all things Japan-inspired really does deserve the dose of attention and admiration it deserves, even though for a short moment. In addition, before I forget, the blog post inspiration was spurred by a little conversation I managed to have today with another GUNDAM enthusiast and colleague. Seems to me personally, he should just forget the niggles and just tackle this monster head on-- lol! --as too, to those how are steely enough and not to mention experienced enough to handle the complexity and all the hardships  associated with  the art of GUNDAM model building! 
Eh, I'll just stick to Robot Spirits or Gundam Fix Figurations, thanks very much!

Gundam SEED DESTINY Copyright Sunrise/ Bandai Co. Japan 2010

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