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Monday, May 31, 2010


Hi there people!! This is WSX once again starting off the first week of June with yet another super blog post! Many sincere apologies that this update had taken awhile to be published, as the whole of the last week of the May month, I was just being patient and biding my time to write and produce another comprehensive spotlight and mini-review on one of the few "holy-Grail" Transformers release which is on my list of items to own. 

The awesome character in question is none other than the CYBERTRON Ninja / Bounty Hunter who has a rather mysterious past, not least because his character was not really explored in the Transformers Victory anime series-- least also not to mention his addition to the fanatical and praise-worthy "holy Grail" toyline.  Yes, thats right, boys and girls, the uber ninja-warrior who is on the good side of justice and who works in tandem with the peace-loving and valiant Cybertrons is none other than the SIX-CHANGER C-325 Greatshot! 


Great Shot C-325- Six ChangerFunction: Spy Soldier
Transformation: 6 Different Forms
Abilities: Under different circumstances in battle, he can change from robot, laser gun, tank, monstrous beast, battle car & jet aircraft.
Weapons: Great Laser (2 of)
Final Attack: By rapidly transforming into each of his 6 forms, attacking his enemy, he creates the "Great Six Attack."

Merits of the 6 transformations of Great Shot:
1)     Laser gun mode: 100 times more powerful than his Great Lasers2)     Jet aircraft mode: Can travel between the Earth and Moon in under 2 minutes3)     Battle car mode: Can travel at the speed of 400km/h on any planets terrain4)     Monstrous beast mode: Can angle his head and force a deadly attack on the enemy5)     Tank mode: Can climb a 50 degrees slop using magnetic caterpillars treads6)     Robot mode: Has the same power level as Star Saber

Translated tech specs are courtesy and linked to! 

Pictures are linked and credited to!

Card Info:
Codename: Great Shot
Code No.: C-325
Level: 77
Origin: Unknown
Profile: Passed through the Shadow School with companions Six Shot and Six Knight, and even surpassed their abilities. An excellent Cybertron soldier, but his covert operations are carried out like a lone-wolf. His pride is greater than the other Cybertrons, and he believes himself to be the best.
10, 10, 9, 10, 9, 9, 10, 10, 77


Greatshot first appeared in the Transformer Victory Anime series: "Mysterious Warrior! Planet Micro"  Ive gotta admit, he made quite an entrance,  more akin to those Samurai/ Bushido wandering warriors, aw heck-- he even speaks and acts like one!! 

As some of the more  dedicated members of the Transformers collecting community may be informed, the toy design for Greatshot is actually a direct translation of the Destron Ninja Warrior Sixshot. While physically similar,  there are some minor changes Takara made to the mold to make it essentially a different character all together!  I will go through, roughly, each of the modes of transformation which Greatshot can manipulate his transformer body into.  There have not been really comprehensive blogging reviews or views of this awesome six-changer, and although WSX is going to be slated for it, I have decided to link the in-box pictures for Greatshot to the Ebay seller, "Eastern Speed"


A flying Rhinoceros?! Awesome! >:-P He's not only bad-ass but also it packs a wallop!! The mean beast mode that Greatshot uses to totally crush his enemies is the best mode for me.  He is similar only to Sixshot's flying panther mode, only obviously more brutal than stealthy. Although Greatshot is more wandering Samurai than a natural leader,  he still can fight beautifully and dirty at the same time! The only times which the series had ever had to showcase this might and magic fighting style was on two occasions, the after mentioned episode - " Mysterious Warrior ! Planet Micro"  and the second and last cameo -- lets face it, which honestly, doesn't say much about his character at all!! LOL! A++-- "Ambush in the Dessert!"  


Gotta love his giant gun of utter coolness.  Just like his namesake, Greatshot can also transform himself into a flying gun.   He uses this mode to spray plasma lasers to wrong-foot his opponents.  While there is nothing to be seen new in this mode, its also cool to see him just float in space shooting his targets from a distance! A


Packaged in his Styrofoam box, just like his kin Sixshot in Jet-mode,  my guess is that  this is  sort of like a futuristic space cruiser. Eh.. I dunno, either way, the design is sleek. The only mold changes noticeable here are obviously, his shoulder extensions, which resembles a pair of Gatling guns, which Sixshot's mold is lacking.  I'll give my latest purchase major props just because the white on him is still minty and the fact that the design is still uber-inspiring, even for the design of its time. A++


To be brutally honest, for me these two modes are not distinctive or creative enough to make them seem like another form of alternate vehicular forms . The transformation for the top version is just lacking the fire-power of the Gatling -gun shoulder mounted assault mode. below.  Lame, if you ask me. B+


Same height and weight as Sixshot's toy--Duh! Aside from the color changes, the one thing that stands out which the toymaker of that era has brilliantly, and accurately done, is the inclusion of Greatshot's "Phoenix" sigil on his remolded chest panel. Awesome little nod and dedication in the faithfulness of the mysterious status of the character itself! Mine came with little or no chrome chipping or chrome-wear, and I cant't say how chuffed I am!! A++



  • There is much fan speculation that Greatshot is an upgraded version of Sixshot. However, according the supplemental character bio included with Greatshot's toy, he is in fact a former compatriot of both Sixshot and Sixknight, who in turn were all members of the "Six Clan" that "secretly rules over the galaxy".  [1]

  • There are several similarities between Greatshot and Sixshot:

        • Greatshot is remold from Sixshot.

      • The supplementary bio also states that Greatshot frequently carries out secret ninja missions, apparently further tying him in with the "Ninja Staff Officer" Sixshot and the "Ninja Knight" Sixknight.

The above info sums up the uniqueness of this Japan Only release of the Ninja-Warrior who is sensitive to the noble cause of the Autobot war.  Any self-respecting Transformer collector fan-- (note-- by or girl-- it doesn't matter!!) ; should try and hunt down this rare gem to be added in the list of "Holy Grails" to buy.... ASAP! Id recommend that the toy should be pristine-- in the sense, pay the amount what you think is worth the weight  in gold, for Greatshot.  Mine didn't come with any of the colletrals (sticker-sheet, toy catalog and paperworks), -- but that's alright and its just a minor issue. To me, anyway, the utmost importance is that the toy and it's box are of fairly collector grade material.  Highly Recommended!! A+++

Greatshot, Transformers Victory Copyright 1989, 2010 Takaratomy Co. Japan

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