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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

UPCOMING RELEASES # 01: EHOBBY Alternity A-01 Ultra Magnus feat. Nissan GTR!


This is yet another uber-cool release THAT IS MOST LIKELY, IF NOT BORDERING ON THE OBSESSION fan the perpetual "flames" of those hard-core-collector's. Nothing on the details, except that this will once again be another ehobby exclusive. As to when the official release date of this beautiful white repaint of the popular (and crazily sought after) Alternity A01- Convoy, there are unconfirmed reports from several sources such as that fans of this mold can see a premature release sometime as early as July of 2010; whilst other places are expecting a mid-to late August 2010 release.


In my humble opinion, the decision from those hobby toy companies are just using this so-called release to gain a few extra bucks, but at the same time (obviously) cater to the fussy collectors like yours truly. The one minor gripe that still bugs me is that the toy makers, in this case the usually ever reliable "ehobby" folks, seem to have decided to take the "lazy" approach by NOT releasing this uber-cool "Ultra Magnus" GTR incarnation in the more "traditional" and "view friendly" windowless style packaging. BLASPHEMY! >:-/


Pretty tempting, I must admit. Although, the thought of owning another awesome and high quality Alternity toy, aside from the lame reason that he is a straight up white repaint, this beautiful A01 Ultra Magnus WILL be eventually added to my growing "army" of Alternity Convoys. You can bet on that! A++

Alternity : Copyright 2010 and courtesy of Takaratomy and ehobby japan

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