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Saturday, February 20, 2010


UPDATED WITH CLEARER (NON-CRAPPY) PICTURES! Hello there, to my ever present followers of my humble blog! Am proud to present yet another blog-post for your reading and viewing pleasure! Dont worry, the toy being featured is one which is not worth crazy amounts of money, but rather a little gem of a find.                  
Just another lazy Saturday afternoon here, and  just got back  about a couple of hours ago from  Berjaya Times Square shopping mall-- took some time off to see what the Chinese New Year spirit has managed to conjure up- it looks as though the locals are still not tightening their belts this festive season, as the mood for spending is still as undiminished as ever!               
Was browsing through the usual haunts to buy my toys, and I chanced upon the more "movie-accurate" version of the psychotic Decepticon Constructicon member: RampageAs far as repaints go, I thought that this was a pretty neat find, especially because the shop which was carrying this Japan only "exclusive" had about 5 more MOSC toys on its hanging rack. Probably, had more stashed away..but no matter, as it was just sitting there, rather ambiguously to the casual shopper/ and the odd "so-called" toy collectors.         
*Courtesy and creditied to www.tfwiki,com      
Decepticon Rampage Desert Combat (Deluxe, 2010)
 Japanese ID number: RD-21          
TakaraTomy has gone further than Hasbro with their version of red Rampage, here called Decepticon Rampage Desert Combat, redecorating his shovel blade to match the one used on the Rampage prop vehicle seen in the movie (including horizontal lines to match the slatted look of the prop), and having a more screen-accurate colour scheme overall. There is some additional paint applications which add to the realism of a "rusty" copper/ silver coloured shovel. In addition, the windows are different to that of the Hasbro version whereby it is a light amber/ orange colour instead of the purple/maroon one used.        
Tech Spec

The stink of diesel fumes and hot tar follows Rampage
wherever he goes. His treads are packed with metal
shards stripped from his victims and the countless 
scratches covering his chassis are testament to hundreds 
of brutal battles. He lives to pound his enemies 
into submission and thinks of little else. 
His idea of beauty is the sun glinting off 
the raw edges of shredded Autobot armor.
Strength Intelligence Speed
 Jumped at the chance to get it on the cheap, just in case the price would most likely be way inflated in the next couple of months. Neat figure, and WSX wont be giving any mini-reviews, as there are tons of online write-ups on the regular yellow version of Rampage. 

Crab-like, naturally-- and  alludes to his Beast-Wars counterpart of the same name. 

"Dessert Combat" Rampage transforms from a red Caterpillar D11 bulldozer into one of two robot mode configurations, the first of which (his actual in-fiction robot form) is distinctly Vehicon-esque. It lacks movable, bendable functional legs, instead featuring a spring-loaded "jackhammer" assembly. When the figure is bounced along the ground in this mode, his Mech Alive feature is activated, and a pair of pistons that frame his head pump back and forth. The shovel can be removed in this mode and used as a stand.     
      If legs are preferred, his jackhammer splits and his elaborate kibble backpack unfolds, together forming four leg-struts to create a free-standing robot form that is rather Greek/ Roman warrior-esque in design. Though not mentioned in the instructions or package, the aforementioned backpack can remain folded in robot mode for a more movie-accurate, two-legged 'play' mode of sorts. He features real rubber treads which become arm-mounted whip weapons in robot mode. Unfortunately, due to this design, the treads themselves do not function in vehicle mode.     
A little trivia: Like several toys in the Revenge of the Fallen toy-line, Rampage has had a mold change done somewhere between his instructions being drawn up and the final version of the toy. On the final toy, the rear flap behind the cabin of the bulldozer runs into a screw section used to hold the robot pelvis together. This change also affects where the rear flap and the bulldozer shovel connect in robot mode. On the instructions, this flap is shown as folding flat against the back of the vehicle and said flap is also folded down much farther in robot mode to connect to the shovel. The mold change seems to account for the shovel connection issue in robot mode, but not the problem in vehicle mode. Unlike some others, this change does not directly affect any of the toy's action features or articulation. A+        

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