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Saturday, January 30, 2010


Welcome and a good day to my fellow blog followers from around the world and region! Its another lazy and relaxing Saturday afternoon here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia-- and with an iced drink by my side,  yours truly WSX is proud to  get another opportunity to highlight another rare and interesting collectible Vintage Transformer for your reading and viewing pleasure. 

 A slight musing- if you will- about how managed to discover this particular piece, although the box is slightly damaged by the yellowed sunlight/ and mildew on the edges,--luckily otherwise, the toys remain unscathed, with the chrome parts undamaged and although all stickers have been pre- applied, they still remain crisp as though they were only plastered on yesterday. Good ol'  WSX is a man who is determined to be constantly on the hunt and look-out for a  window of opportunity to pass his way. It also helps if one has the key element of  patience and acceptability. Why you might ask, the term "acceptable" is the key word for WSX  to spend a "neat" sum of Ringgit ?!--Well, the answer is really simple, my fellow blogsters... its about the need to fulfill the ambition of obtaining one of the rarest and most unique Autobot/ Cybertron Three-Member Multi-Gestalt Warrior to ever grace the Transformers Universe: TRANSFORMERS VICTORY C-323 ROAD CAESAR!!

The scans for Road Caesar's technical data and Specs chart is credited to Prime Saber's Transformers Page. Many thanks also for the Katakana translation of his Bio Card below, which is credited to and translated by Doug Dlin. It is also important to note, that these combining Road Warriors were also released as individually boxed sets, however, more often than not, buyers have to be extra vigilant 
so that they do not mistakenly purchase a very high quality "reproduction" -- made by the Chinese
factories-- Its simple to detect/ identify if those are repros --by seeing the Chinese lettering on the box graphics. They are also much sought after, and just as rare as the C-323 marked Japanese Giftset. 

Translation of Character Chart above: 
C-323  Brainmaster Roadcaesar
Transformation: 3-robot combination
Abilities: Contains the three symbols of good, the Brains of Strength,
Skill and Intelligence.  The exceptional abilities of these three are
combined into one, resulting in mobile power equal to Star Saber's.
Weapon: Road Blade
Function: Three-Musketeer Gestalt
Final Attack: The Brain Wheel Shocker, in which he launches 
super energy rings from all his tires. 
Even the Powerful Destron Warrior, Liocaesar/ Liokaiser 
is no match for this.

Next, the combined force of this all-conquering Cybertron Warrior 
is seen in the Strength Chart below: 

Tech Spec

(Roas Caesar;s members are "Sanjuu-gattai-kishi," 
which translates literally as "Three-Gun Gestalt Knight." 
(*"Sanjuushi" is the term for the Three Musketeers)


Strength Intelligence Speed Endurance Rank Courage Firepower Skill

Next, we take a closer look at the individual members which make up the powerful Knights of the realm of the autobots/ Cybertrons, so to speak! As usual, the toys wont be transformed by WSX--least i have to remind everybody that I am essentially an MIB/ BIB ans MISB collector-- especially to those trouble-making Singaporeans..who seem to have some unfinished / blind rage issues...LOL. >:P  

Up  until now, WSX has nothing to prove to them, nor do i have any grudge against my detractors... told them and warned that my blog will get bigger and stronger, and with the current acquisition of Road Caesar, I hate to say I told them so!! MORE upcoming acquisitions of Vintages will be featured in the upcoming blog-posts--as a big gratitude and thanks to my fellow kind and fervent supporters and followers, rest assured!

 Anyway, lets move on to the crux of the review/ individual team members, shall we? Once again,  we shall start with the main component and Leader which goes by the name of Blacker.  All pictures of the following are sourced, linked and credited to the The Alpha and Omega of Transformers toys Many sincere thanks. :-)

Cybertron C-320 : BLACKER

Tech Spec

Strength Intelligence Speed Endurance Rank Courage Firepower Skill


Function: Cybertron Assistant Commander Knight

Alternate Mode: Black Dune Racer/ Buggy

Transformation: Head/ Torso of Road Caesar

Accessories/ Parts: Chest Plate / Gun/ Main Sword 

Blacker is reserved as being the biggest of the three members.  Blacker' alternate mode is a tough-looking Attack Buggy. Basically an ease to transform, with the "Brain-Set" gimmick is completed when the Brainmaster figure/driver is places in the main robot body's  chest cavity. Essentially the Brainmaster can be propped up to reveal the main robot "face". The silver part on the front of his hood is chromed diecast metal; most of the other silver parts are stickers. Like most vintage toys, he comes with customary rubber-dune tyres. He carries both the Road Caesar shield/chest plate and the Road Caesar head, whose antennae are gun barrels in this form.  

The head/gun can stay on the chest plate/shield or fit into his fist through a peg that in combined robot form fits into the hole in Blacker's forehead. The shield has two pegs which fit into the two holes on his chest when in combined form. Because of the struts on which his arms are attached, he can turn his arms all the way around or swing them inwards or outwards. His sword, which can fit on one of two holes on each dune buggy side, which can bee seen by clicking here. Personally, his robot mode design is clunky-- probably to add some sturdiness to the over all combined mode. For me, his dune Buggy alternate mode is more appealing-- thus earning it an A+, however his bot mode is fairly passable in terms of playability- B


Tech Spec


Strength Intelligence Speed Endurance Rank Courage Firepower Skill

Function: Cybertron Skilled Knight

Alternate Mode: Lamborghini Countach 

Transformation: Right Leg of Road Caesar

Accessories/ Parts: Right Fists and Foot/ Sword

 It is also important to note that the Three members, Laster included, were imported over sometime during the height of the G2 continuum in Europe, sometime in the early 1990's. Those particular versions of the Brainmasters, were imported by Takara from Europe, since it has the Japanese sticker on the front. In Europe his name is Flame (obviously inspired by the flames on his sides and hood), and they were renamed as the Motorvators. The toy doesn't include the shield/leg cover and fist for Road Caesar, unlike the Japanese version. The European version has red parts where Laster was black. The box art was modified to include the changes, though Flame is holding his sword at a different angle than Laster does and still has part of his now non-existent shield/leg cover. Under the sticker is a note that the Brainmaster is an energon mini-figure.

The wheels on Laster are once again molded in rubber, and have star hubcaps outlined in silver chrome. He carries the folded-up leg cover for Road Caesar on top of him, with the fist mounted on top of that. In addition, he can carry his own black sword on himself, either as shown on his Road Caesar fist or on either side of his car, as seen here.

The Road Caesar fist could be left on the leg cover or on the other side of him as well as in his own fist. He has diecast metal for the inside surfaces of his lower legs, like Braver does. Personally, of the three members, i like Laster's face-sculpt and blue molded  / two separate eyes instead of the single visor that he has on the Victory show. Add to his super-car alternate mode-- a Lamborghini to boot--and you have a solid winner. A++  for both modes.

Lastly, we move on to the third and final member, who is also know as the "brains" and all round gadgetry expert/ inventor


Tech Spec

Strength Intelligence Speed Endurance Rank Courage Firepower Skill


Function: Cybertron Strategist Knight

Alternate Mode: Ferrari F40 

Transformation: Left Leg of Road Caesar

Accessories/ Parts: Chest Plate / Gun/ Main Sword

Braver shares  wheels  that are also molded in rubber and have star hubcaps outlined in silver chrome. He carries the folded-up leg cover for Road Caesar on top of him, with the fist mounted on top of that. Unlike Laster or Blacker, he can't carry his own blue sword on himself, though it still can fit on Blacker's white sword when  combined to make Road Caesar's huge sword. The Road Caesar fist could be left on the leg cover or on the other side of him as well as in his own fist. He has diecast metal for the inside surfaces of his lower legs. He has a really nice blue visor. The face is chrome silver. There are other Braver's with red visors, though, which can be suspected as the more common version of the toy to be released, no one is really sure. For me, though, Braver's care mode and head sculpt is second to Laster's-- and the only one who share some similarities his character model and animated counterpart's. A+

What superlatives are there to use to describe this awesome Three - Combination Super Warrior? Well, outrageously vintage/ awesome and cool are some of them which comes to mind. As a combined force, it is a sight to behold.

The combined might of the three Brainmaster more than a match to take down n the Destron Dinoforce combiner Dinoking but not enough to stop Liokaiser by himself, as depicted in the Transformers Victory Cartoon series. 

Unlike those two Destron combiners', the toy figures for Road Caesar and the three Brainmaster Cybertrons largely match their show appearances.
Their swords can combine into one, the Road Blade, which can fire a combined beam at enemies. There are gun barrels on the swords which can be arranged so that they form a circle around the blades. Blacker's white sword is always the central one. Laster's black sword and Braver's slightly longer blue sword fit into pegs on Blacker's sword, while Braver's sword pegs into Laster's near the base. Braver's sword handle is the one that fits onto either of Road Caesar's fists. 

Forming Road Caesar wasn't difficult. They start from robot modes. Blacker spreads apart his legs and swings up his arms, flipping out panels to make their appear wider. Meanwhile, Laster and Braver swing in their legs as if returning to car modes and peg their respective leg covers and feet to the new front sides. Their big heads plug into Blacker's hollow legs, and their Road Caesar fists peg into the bottom of Blacker's inverted upper arms. Blacker's shield pegs into the central two holes to become Road Caesar's wide chestplate. The head/gun swings its barrels apart and down to the sides to become antennae, and like for the Cybertron Headmasters, the blue visor and forehead swings into view. Once the new head pegs into the hole in the top of Blacker's forehead, and the new sword pegs into a fist, Road Caesar is complete. 
Height wise, he is pretty tall-- and stands about 9.5 inches (24 cm) The Road Caesar figure is about as tall as Powermaster Optimus Prime / Super Ginrai.



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