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Saturday, October 10, 2009


Hello once again fellow Transfans!! For my second post, I want to feature a real Vintage Gem of a collection! This beautiful piece was obtained through a dear friend of mine from Singapore- you know who you are! And after one week of anxious waiting, it had arrived by courier into my hands yesterday afternoon! Many thanks and UTMOST of gratitude to him for going out of his way to help me obtain : " D-98 DESTRON NINJA WARRIOR SIX SHOT!"

SO, without further ado--Allow me to share some rather interesting information with regards to the background of the Character in question, and reveal my most favorite types amongst the six forms of incarnations that he can transform into. Well by now, most of you seasoned Transfans have known by now that Sixshot is a rather intriguing and deep character. Mostly because of his history in the Japanese Continuity. I wont bore you guys with the details, but if you'd like to know more and is curious, then the TF Wikipedia page should give a more detailed insight on his history!

Well, among the Six type of transformations that he can achieve, my personal favorites are the Winged Wolf, Space Cruiser Jet and of course naturally, the Robot mode which although essentially a Brick, as with most G1 toys, is pretty sharp and Anime 'Accurate in accordance with his on screen Cartoon counterpart! Overall, personally, for me he is one of the highlight in my private collection--the toy is value for money, and because he has SIX, yes count em-SIX modes of different transformations, makes him a must get toy in terms of value, nostalgic factor, and the very fact that he might cost a pretty penny even for the 2002 Reissue.

However, the most intriguing remake for the Sixshot mold and character took on a whole new different meaning with its reintroduction in the must watch series of Transforming Robots by the same Creator or maker of The Transformers Series: Takara's Brave or Yuusha! Brave Shadow Maru Ninja Detective!

I have yet to obtain any of his other incarnations, but the most difficult and rarest piece out there in the exclusive toy market amongst the collectors, will always be Sixshot's greatest counterpart and Autobot rival: Greatshot! The links provided are for my blog readers to get more information with regards to the two incarnations of the Sixshot character, both on availability and general difficulty to obtain plus the kind of mega cash one would have to fork out! As for me, these purchases are still within my consideration, albeit
in the not too distant future!

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