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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


HI folks! So sorry and apologise for the tardiness. It's already September 2012 and the time has come to preview what to me is somewhat exciting collecting news in terms of 'Exclusive' releases which caught my attention. Following the TFW2005, report that E-hobby Japan's partnership with Transformers Collector's Club  (TFCC) from the States, it has allowed their Japanese counterparts to come up with unique 'Ehobby' takes on popular Transformers characters, starting with 'Shattered Glass' repaints of  Blaster and Soundwave. 

''E-Hobby has sent out their newest letter and has also updated their website with a new advertisement for their upcoming Shattered Glass toy exclusive. The exclusive, in partnership with the Transformers Collectors' Club, will be a Shattered Glass Soundwave vs. Blaster set. From the image shared, it looks like four cassettes will be included; Shattered Glass Slugfest, Ratbat, Rewind/Eject and Ramhorn. Note that the exclusive will use the Slugfest cassette mold in this set instead of the previously thought, and much rarer, Dial cassette. '' 

Personally, although I have already collected multiple moulds of these two characters, however this might be added as one of my very few and carefully planned purchases as I have decided that from now on, my collecting habit will only encompass the new Masterpieces, Transformers Prime Arms Micron series and the occasional 'Exclusives' churned out by E-hobby or TFCC themselves. The deco's, albeit being heavily Photoshopped, are pretty damn neat, and the chromed gun/ shoulder cannon on Shattered Glass Soundwave adds some balance to the white body of the toy. As for SG Blaster, the black and teal repainted figure looks great concept wise, and you know your's truly cannot get enough of exclusive repaints, no?! Woth a price tag of JPY ¥13,000 or a little over USD$130, this set seems pretty steep for a bunch of repaints. since the pre-orders are already up, I can wait till end of the month to get this together with Big Bad Toys Store (BBTS) inspired stab at making / churning out 'special edition' toys in the form of Dark Energon Transformers Prime releases.  WEll, more collecting for me then! Cannot wait! 

EDIT: More info and pics on the E-Hobby set: here!  and here! 

ehobby/ Shattered Glass/ Transformers: Prime and Dark Energon are all copyrighted to Hasbro Inc and Takaratomy. 

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